Tribunj - the small fishing town in Dalmatia

Located 60 km south of Zadar (airport) and 70 km north of Split (airport).

Tribunj was founded in the 12th century, his first name was St. George's Castle, in the 14th century it was renamed to Tribunj. In the year 1452  at the top of the highest hill residents were built the church of St. Nicholas (Church is still in the same place). Locals believe that wish make on top of the hill near the church - come true.
Tribunj is also famous for the stone bridge on a small island. This island was a fortress to protect locals against attacks of the Turks. The Church and the island are protected cultural and architectural monuments, same as the old stone houses on the island. All Island is pedestrian zone and it's nice and easy to walk around with the kids. The island has many bars, cafes, taverns, pizzerias, and the tables laying along the beach. 
From the restaurant “LUNA” to the beach Bristak leads seashore promenade.
Near the school and behind the restaurant “TOPLE”, and also at the large parking place in the Citi center there are kids playground. There is also another playground at the beach Bristak (close to the yacht club).
Near the seashore promenade there is a trampoline and electric toy car runway.

Tribunj is a small town of fishermen’s and farmers
Therefore, you can buy very fresh fish and seafood straight from the fishing vessels, which was caught the same day. 
Many locals sell their homemade wine, brandy and olive oil. 
In the March of the Year 2014 the owner of the apartment Kristina won the gold medal for its olive oil at the international competition of olive oil producers held in split. Her oil has received the rating of extra virgin olive oil of the highest quality. 

The nearest beach is a 2-minute walk from the house Kristina (just about 50 meters). On the beach there is a shadow untill 11-12 A.M. Also there you can find a bit of shade in the canopy of the tamaris trees all day long. The beach is made as a flat concrete slab and have a metal stairs into the sea, as well as a convenient entry into the sea for the babies and non-swimmers. 
In the Tribunj there is also a two public beaches. 
One of them is at the end of our street, about a 5 minute walk (200 - 300 m) – “Zamalin”. - On this beach you can rent sunbeds and sea bikes. The beach has pine and showers with the fresh water. 
The second one –  “Beach Bristak” is close to yacht club on the way to the town of Vodice. There you can rent umbrellas and sunbeds. Unfortunately there is no natural shade nearby. This beach is comfortable for the babies and non-–swimmers because it has a sloping entrance to the sea. 
All before mentioned beaches have convenient pebbled entry into the sea.

The nearest grocery store is on the beach "Zamalin", about 200 meters from us.
Near the central city parking, which is about 400 meters from our place, there is a supermarket “Konzum”.  In the Tribunj you can find a several restaurants with famous fish cuisine, taverns (restaurants with home cooking), pizzerias, fast foods, bars, post office, bank, supermarket “Konzum” and several small shops, a butcher, a little market where you can buy a fresh fish early in the morning, and fruits and vegetables during all day, souvenir stalls. 
Cultural center which hosts a various exhibitions and concerts. 


In the travel agency you can rent a scooter, bicycle or car (for the car or scooter renting driving license is required). You can also rent a boat (if you have a proper license), or you can order a boat trip for the swimming around the islands in the crystal clear and clean sea.

One of the famous Croatian Adriatic resort - Vodice is located just a few km southern from the Tribunj. 
Vodice you can reach by walking along the coast (3 km - approximately 40 - 45 minutes), or you can take the bus which will take around 5 - 10 minutes.

Near the Tribunj is located beautiful cove Sovlje to which you can also take a stroll

Around 17 km to the south from us is the ancient town of Šibenik. It has preserved many architectural monuments - the Cathedral of St. James, St. Nicholas Fortress, Fortress of St. Anne, Prince's Palace and others. The tourist complex “Solaris” opened a new Aqua park that will be very attractive to your children. 
Only half an hour away from us by car, or around one hour by boat, there is a famous and World known “Krka National Park”. 
All excursions you can book in the nearby travel agency. Just a 60 km from us there is the beautiful ancient city Zadar. You can get there by bus, and we will help you with the bus schedule. You can also get to Trogir and Split. Buses run regularly. 
Unfortunately, there is no parking place next to our house, and if you came to Tribunj by car, you should left it at the one of the City parking place (max. 300 meter from us). We can buy for you parking ticket at the City authorities, or you can buy a ticket at the nearest parking slots. We can arrange a shuttle service from the airport and back (Zagreb, Split, Zadar etc.), as well as excursions with the proper language-speaking guide. Also we will tell you how to get to the any place you want to see in Croatia or neighboring countries.