Šibenik (Šibenik) is located 17 km from Tribunj, by car it is a 15-20 minute ride. There are regular buses from Tribunj to Sibenik.

Sibenik is one of the oldest cities of the Adriatic. It was mentioned for the first time in 1066. Then it was called Kresimirov grad or the the town of Kresimir; at the time it was the biggest town on the Eastern Adriatic Coast. In 1169 it was granted the status of a city. The Cathedral of Saint James, which was built from the 15th to the 16th century,  is on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Not far from the train station, the Church Gospe van Grada is located . Next to it there is a fountain that has turtles on it, so if you visit with children, make sure to drop by.

In the city centre  you can see the Museum of Sibenik, which is in the Knezeva fortress.

In the city centre you can also find a lot of churches and sight-seeing attractions.

In Sibenik there are plenty of fortresses, from which you can see the rest of the city.